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Newcastle Review

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) has instigated a worrying review of the Newcastle special licence conditions. It is of critical importance that we act immediately and mobilise to defend these measures.

Submissions due 7 February – Have your say 

This is a fight we have to win.

NAAPA’s campaign

NAAPA is calling on all members and supporters to provide a submission to the review and have your voices heard. There has been much community uproar about the unwarranted instigation of the review but we must continue to fight hard to protect the Newcastle measures.

With only a week left until submissions are due, now is your final chance to have your say.

NAAPA has prepared and attached a template submission letter in support of the NAAPA submission for those that do not have time to prepare their own. We know that numbers do count and the more voices, the bigger impact we can make.

We must maintain the Newcastle Conditions.

About the review

This review is unprecedented and has been secretly orchestrated by the Australian Hotels Association of NSW (AHA NSW) in an attempt to get rid of the measures.

Submissions are due 24 January 2018. The terms of reference can be found on the ILGA website.

ILGA has appointed barrister Jonathan Horton QC to conduct the review. Mr Horton was Counsel Assisting for the Callinan Review (NSW Liquor Laws).

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About the Newcastle Conditions

On 14 March 2008, the then Liquor Administration Board (LAB) imposed special conditions on 14 licences in the Newcastle CBD. The main conditions were 1.30am lockouts and 3.30am closure times. This was following conferences held under the Liquor Act 1982 in response to concerns regarding violence, anti-social behaviour and disturbance complaints. For more information on the conditions and a list of the venues please visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW information sheet.

The Newcastle measures have been central in NAAPA’s advocacy of restrictions to pub and club trading hours to prevent alcohol-fuelled street violence.


Because the Newcastle measures have been thoroughly reviewed by researchers from Newcastle University, John Hunter Hospital and other Australian institutes showing a direct relationship between their implementation and the sustained and overwhelming reduction in night-time assaults.

The Newcastle conditions are recognised around the world for their proven positive effect on reducing alcohol-related harm. We are calling on all Newcastle and NSW community members to act in their defence!