State of Origin provokes family violence in NSW, says report

Dr Michael Livingstone, of CAPR, says the research used non-Origin Wednesdays as a comparison and that showed a dramatic difference. “There is an increase in non-domestic assaults as well, in pubs and on the streets in NSW, ” he said.

Fewer alcohol-related visits to inner Sydney emergency room since ‘lockout laws’ introduced

Alcohol law review response questioned

A credibility gap is emerging in Newcastle City Council’s (NCC) response to the NSW government review of our life-saving package of alcohol laws. NCC’s submission says it is a “leader in collaborative (alcohol law) reforms and strategy”. The Lord Mayor rejected that the council was weakening the current conditions “our submission actual protects the lock out laws …

A ‘thriving’ night-time culture in Canberra comes with costs from alcohol use

Who should pay for harmful effects of late-night drinking?