Support Sydney’s lifesaving late-night measures


Support Sydney’s lifesaving late-night measures

Alcohol is responsible for more than 37 emergency department presentations, 147 hospitalisations and three deaths every day in NSW.1

However, lifesaving alcohol control measures introduced to protect the health and safety of Sydney residents and curb these troubling statistics, is potentially under threat from the NSW Government’s Inquiry into Sydney’s night time economy.

The late night measures were put in place in 2014 to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD in response to the exceptionally high levels of violence and increasing severity of alcohol assaults affecting young people, culminating in the tragic deaths of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie.

These measures including last drinks policies, is fundamentally important to securing the ongoing health and safety of the people of Sydney.

80 per cent of people in NSW, including the majority of 18-34 year olds support a closing time for pubs, clubs and bars of no later than 3am. A 1am lockout also received majority support (54 per cent) from 18-24 year olds.2

Records show these measures are working.

The Lord Mayor’s own report records Sydney as the strongest and most concentrated night-time economy in Australia with year-on-year growth since 2011, proving that these measures are working to create a thriving, safe and vibrant night-time economy.

Since the late night measures were introduced in 2014:

  • Non-domestic alcohol-related assaults in the Sydney local government area have decreased by 23.5%
  • In the Kings Cross Police Area Command there has been a 61% reduction in alcohol-related non-domestic assaults
  • The total number of serious facial trauma surgeries at St Vincent’s Hospital reduced by 60% in the two years post introduction of the measures.

Health, medical, emergency service and law enforcement organisations have advocated tirelessly to reduce alcohol harm and prioritise the health and safety of the NSW community over the vested interests of the alcohol industry.

Sydney’s late night measures ensures the city’s famously vibrant night time economy thrives and makes Sydney’s night life environment one every Sydney-sider can enjoy. Let’s keep it that way.

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