Submission to the Liquor & Gaming NSW evaluation of Kings Cross alcohol sales data reporting requirement Discussion Paper

This submission supports the 2016 research report conducted by the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) on Understanding Alcohol Sales Data in Australia (2016 CAPR Report), and argues that accurate and reliable collection of state-wide wholesale and retail alcohol sales data will enable NSW to pave the way for a national standard of alcohol sales data.

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NAAPA submission to the Kings Cross ID scanner review

This submission recommends that alcohol sales are regulated in an appropriate and consistent manner and that policy development be based on evidence to ensure harm from alcohol is minimised. Although ID scanners are commonly supported by a variety of stakeholders, their effectiveness in reducing alcohol-related harm is limited. For this reason, they must not be considered an alternative to more effective policy measures, such as regulation of outlet density and trading hours.

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NAAPA submission to the NSW small bars review

This submission recommends that NSW remove the automatic extension of trading hours for small bars to adequately recognise risk associated with late trade; remove community impact statement exemptions for small bars to ensure adequate provision for community input to liquor licensing decisions; and maintain the 60 patron limit for small bars.

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2016 Australian Capital Territory poll

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) commissioned ReachTEL to undertake polling of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) residents to gain an understanding on attitudes towards alcohol, perceptions of safety and support for trading hour ‘last drinks’ policies.

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NAAPA submission to the ACT Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper

This submission provides comment on the 40 proposals for amendments to Australian Capital Territory (ACT) liquor laws outlined in the Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper. NAAPA expresses its strong support for addressing late night trading hours and urges the ACT Government to prioritise implementation of Proposal 1, Option 1, to make the last licensed time for on-licence premises 3am.

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NSW political party response to NAAPA Election Platform: Not one more

NAAPA wrote to each of the political parties and independents contesting the NSW state election in March, seeking their responses to 15 key alcohol policy questions outlined in the alliance’s election platform. Find out what how each of the political representatives scored, what they intend to do to reduce alcohol harms, and what commitments they have made for the next term.

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NAAPA 2015 NSW Election Platform

NAAPA’s 2015 NSW Election Platform lays out a clear roadmap to prevent and reduce alcohol harms, and contains five key policy priority measures: protecting children and families, putting communities first, reducing disability and disease, preventing street violence and building a robust alcohol harm prevention framework.

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Alcohol consumption and harms in the ACT

The 2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that 86.5 per cent of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) residents over the age of 14 years consume alcohol, and, of these 5.4 per cent consume alcohol daily, and 45.6 per cent consume alcohol weekly.

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2013 NSW Alcohol Summit: Communique

The NSW and ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) hosted the 2013 NSW Alcohol Summit at Parliament House in Sydney today, bringing together health professionals, community representatives, law enforcement officials, researchers, frontline workers and State politicians.

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